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Procurement & Sourcing from Far East

Sourxing is a Honk Kong based company, with Chinese branches in Guangdong and Jiangxi Province as well as Thailand, specialized in outsourcing and e-procurement services, extending our suppliers area also to Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar and India. We provide end-to-end services able to manage any aspect of procurement and sourcing.

As supply chains today are under pressure like never before, the need to meet more complex demands from customers and the business, is quintessential to success. We fuel future growth through greater resilience, sustainability, transparency and to be responsive to outmaneuver uncertainly in a world that brings fresh challenges and opportunities every day, providing assistance that facilitates the integration between the company, technology and operational processes.

Sourxing dedicates in design and optimization of corporate spending management and strategic planning. Sourxing reshapes procurements by building greater agility, responsiveness, and resilience right across the supply chain, for direct or essential categories, aims to reduce costs and make the most of relationships with suppliers.


1 Project Analisys 1. Project Analisys

  • Customer needs analysis
  • Formalization of customer request

2 Product Research 2. Product Research

  • Search for the nation most suitable for production in over 12 countries
  • Search from 5 to 15 suppliers in order to check the market of interest

3 Negotiation 3. Negotiation

  • Price reduction
  • Confirm details
    supply conditions
    lead time
  • Factory inspection (optional)
  • Quote to the customer with supply details

4 Order Finalization 4. Order Finalization

  • Sending sample for pre production
  • Sample and draft approval

5 Production 5. Production

  • Quality control on raw material (optional)
  • Mass production start
  • Quality control mid-mass production (optional)
  • Fine mass production
  • After mass production quality control

6 Shipment 6. Shipment

  • Shipment search (optional)
  • Booking order with customer shipping
  • Delivery of goods according to the conditions required

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