Procurement & Sourcing

Just what you need, at its best.

Sourxing is doing services for startups, medium to large retailers and wholesalers that are seeking quality-assured products and sourcing solutions from Far East. We have active ongoing projects in India, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia and Thailand.

1 Project Analisys 1. Project Analisys

  • Customer needs analysis
  • Formalization of customer request

2 Product Research 2. Product Research

  • Search for the nation most suitable for production in over 12 countries
  • Search from 5 to 15 suppliers in order to check the market of interest

3 Negotiation 3. Negotiation

  • Price reduction
  • Confirm details
    supply conditions
    lead time
  • Factory inspection (optional)
  • Quote to the customer with supply details

4 Order Finalization 4. Order Finalization

  • Sending sample for pre production
  • Sample and draft approval

5 Production 5. Production

  • Quality control on raw material (optional)
  • Mass production start
  • Quality control mid-mass production (optional)
  • Fine mass production
  • After mass production quality control

6 Shipment 6. Shipment

  • Shipment search (optional)
  • Booking order with customer shipping
  • Delivery of goods according to the conditions required