Search, tailor, control. On the other side of the world.

Looking for products all over the Far East? Do you need customize it, redesign it, brand and re-pack it?

You can use the wide network of suppliers and manufacturers that Sourxing has selected in the years in over 10 Eastern Countries, in order to find the right product from the right supplier. With maximum transparency in the workflow, we can make your needs and your ideas become reality.

An extensive industry network.

Our manufacturers are located in India, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and our local offices can follow all the production steps.

Sourxing helps manufacturing companies to integrate production and business strategies so to remain competitive in an ever-changing scenario. At our innovation centers in Chicago, Milan and Shanghai, manufacturing company's Managers will have the opportunity to take a preview of the future of the industry, discover innovative ideas, strategies and technologies and define a roadmap according to their respective targets.

An optimal mix of strategies, processes and execution.

Our skills and qualities cover the entire life cycle of the project, from the definition of the strategy to its execution, so as to encourage the positive outcome of the transformation process at all times.

Immediate time-to-value.

Our methodologies, our tools and our models allow you to quickly intercept the presence of valuable opportunities, while minimizing design risks.